I will give you a Psychic reading for $5

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I have helped hundreds of people deal with love issues, career problems, money, coping with the loss of loved ones, and more. I average more than 50 professional readings a week, with repeating clients coming to me because I am truly gifted. Aside from being clairvoyant, I also use divination tools ranging from tarot cards, crystal balls, oracles, and many more. I have been listed on the Best Psychic Directory for my highly accurate psychic gifts. Highly Recommended by websites, 5/5 star ratings - I bring exceptional results. 500 character length.

Gig Extras! Get more than just a gig.

I will give you an indepth 2700 character reading with full clarifications and detail for an extra
I will give you a 15-minute chat reading with unlimited questions for an extra
I will accept a tip for your kindness, and give meditation to your wishes for an extra
*includes the price of the gig