I will record a professional male voiceover for $10

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I will provide a professional voiceover for everything from deep/serious to conversational/friendly voices! I am a full time voice actor who has been providing voices for over 10 years. Enquire before ordering. Price: 0-100 words = $10 101-200 words = $15 201-300 words =$20 Word count goes up with phone numbers & web addresses. I.E. a phone number such as 000-000-0000 is 10 words. A website such as www.FiverUP.com is 7 words.

Gig Extras! Get more than just a gig.

I will provide uncompressed WAV file for an extra
I will provide 3 takes total on scripts up to 300 words for an extra
I will deliver in just 24 hours for an extra
*includes the price of the gig