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I'm a Wizard helping people out of their spiritual problems, I uses my power positively, to remove generational curse of any kind, casts Spells to open your ways to abundant success. Helping people is my passion and purpose. I'm happy to share inherited ancient knowledge & techniques .

Jobs by relaxinggranny

I will tell you if you are cursed for $5

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Are you cursed? Does dark energy follow you everywhere? Do you feel like nothing ever works out right, and someone is out to get you? Find the truth and discover exactly what is happening to you with the Secret Enemy Reading. I will use Astrology to answer whether you're haunted by curses, witches, psychic attacks, and secret enemies.The basic gig will include a yes or no answer. The third extra: I will uncurse you forever $20

I will cast Paybacks a Bitch Spell for $15

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Is it time for someone you know to get a taste of their own medicine? This is NOT sending someone negative energy, it is holding up a mirror so that they get their OWN negative energy back! It is perfectly normal to want someone to feel the pain and anguish they caused you. After all, why should the person who ruined your day, your week or even your life get away with it? So give them a taste of their own medicine!!!

I will cast a POWERFUL love spell for you for $10

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I will cast a love spell on the person of your choice for $10 Are you TIRED OF WAITING on them to make the first move? This spell has been used to make people love you!!! Clear Destiny's Spells are White Magic Spells and are 100% Safe and work for Highest Good of all Concerned ! Purchase this gig to MAKE THEM FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU......... I need only your first name and date of birth.