I will Provide a 30-minute Personal Skype Life Consultation, revealing who you are and where you are in life, co-developing tools and strategies for overcoming difficulties in your life RIGHT NOW. for $4

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Skype session or phone call, I offer an Empathic, non-judgemental perspective into your life's current struggles, and teach you to find the support you need, to thrive. Identifying your strengths and passions to accelerate your personal growth and self-awareness. I offer personalized course materials, and fun "homework assignments" for every day application. This work is my life' passion and current Vocation, through Special Education

Gig Extras! Get more than just a gig.

I will Provide access to my email list with regular content and tools related to my work. for an extra
I will Offer early access to my upcoming healing energy shop, with crystals, singing bowls, and more! for an extra
I will Be your best friend. for an extra
*includes the price of the gig