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Hello ! My name is Driss and I'm french / Moroccan. I studied in Spain and England.

I have two master degrees in Public relations and Public speaking and i'm actually preparing a PhD about the importance of language in advertising. I can perfectly switch between different languages : French, English, Arabic and Spanish.

I master all facets of these languages, the syntax, the grammar, and vocabulary have no secrets for me and i'm still learning everyday.

I travel around the world teaching languages and giving courses in Markenting, advertising and public relations as i worked during few years in this field. My expertise fields are translation, writing, transcription and proofreading, especially in French, English and Arabic (Even in very technical subjects). I know how to work with SDL Trados, which I use to carry out my translation jobs, ensuring accuracy and speed. I've been working on that field for 10 years now ! And it's only the begining ^^.

I'm organized, priority-focused, dynamic, independent and resourceful; also, i have the ability to work self-sufficient and under tight deadlines. Hire me and you'll be sure having a great quality work, always overdelivred and on deadline !

This is my word of honor : i have a irreprochable reputation and i'm willing to keep it !

Have a good day ! Cheers
Country: Morocco
member since: Jan 5, 2016
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