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Hello, I am a serious, professional, real Astrologer. You can have your Natal Chart read by me, and know right away all the secrets that the Stars have kept from you. You will know the meaning of YOUR Planets: Venus, your love life, Mars, your sex life, Jupiter, your money and luck, the Moon, your emotions, Saturn, your hardships. In what way is it all DESIGNED for you? Is there a way out? What are your assets? Astrology, when read by a real Astrologer, can REALLY be extremely revealing and light shedding and can disengage you from sabotaging patterns that might have haunted you all your life. I also can read a Compatibility comparison with your Lover, the Natal Chart of your child, the forecast of your Love life, the forecasts for your personal life in the months ahead, and even pinpoint to you through an astrological research the exact time of your birth if you ignore it.

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You can finally have your relationship analyzed according to the principles of real, serious Astrology. The stars will reveal everything you wanted to know about your lover, or spouse, or even a business associate if you wish. You will know your relationship's assets, your pitfalls and what can be done about them. You will know what kind of sexual like you will have with that person. What makes you attractive to him/her. You will know EVERYTHING.

I will let you know the time of your birth, in case you don't know it, so, if in the future, you would like to have an horoscope cast, you would be all ready. You will tell me, more ore less, a time frame during which you believe to be born; then I will ask you to give me some very easy dates of your life. The rest is up to my skill, when I will study you Chart and see at what time the Planets were aligning for those dates you gave me.