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• Computer Technician Software – Hardware PC
• Setting Up Wordpress Websites on a Professional Level
• Microsoft Office Certified - Google Adwords - Analytics - Video - Mobile Certified
• Knowledge of Camtasia Studio for video production, Photoshop
• Setting Up Blogs on Blogger on a Professional Level
• Social Media Marketing,Google Advertising, Eshop Administration
• Email Marketing, Advertising, Facebook Ad Campaign Management
• Blind typing system
• On Line Technical Support
• Youtube channel setup, verification, optimization, and analytics
• Certificate Rescue,Fire and first aid
• Diploma in Engineering Diploma in Technical Studies
• Internet Marketing, Photography Seminars, Project Management
• Search Engine Optimization, SEO
• In-depth knowledge of office management and Geodis
• Administrator :

Let me introduce myself. As you can see my name is Georgios Chatzitheodosiou and i am really passionate about Internet Marketing, E-Shop – Administration and of course in love with technology.

In an effort to supplement the skills already presented, it would be prudent to mention other factors as well. Getting to know new things in terms of software, while maintaining contact with the world of hardware, provides an up-to-date approach towards computers. Administrative and office duties related to the Microsoft Office platform are within my area of expertise, having obtained relevant Certifications at an Expert level.
Therefore, managing and addressing related issues, without missing a deadline proves to be more than feasible, having practiced in most of the modules offered by Microsoft. What is more, when it comes to developing websites using platforms the likes of Joomla and Wordpress, past experience plays a profound role. Having managed such websites in the past is what actually makes the difference, which is why I feel more confident.
Country: Greece
member since: Feb 20, 2016
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