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I am an Internet Research Assistant aiming to support firms and individuals to gather, organize, and use needed information for making decisions faster and easier as well as for growing business.

During my freelance work, I have done research for small to medium-sized businesses throughout the industries all over the world including regulations in countries/unions, internet-based research of the market, documents published by scientists on certain technologies, a competition of a certain company, and much more. It has saved the time of my clients and has allowed them to get ready for the meetings, make informed decisions, and to do it easier and faster.

I have owned a small business (service) for 1 year.
The research was a key thing to do in many points.  Among others, I have researched potential clients and opportunities for business growth and have found hotels in Belgrade without a spa as a great to make a business partnership. It has been very successful and has resulted in a profit increase.

I have worked in telecommunications for 8 years (4 years on the position of Expert team officer (Technical support 2nd line of 3), 3 years on the position GPRS support officer (Technical support 1st line)) and 1 year on the position Call Center Representative). Telenor Serbia is the subsidiary of Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor with revenue of €394.49 million in 2017. Please find attached my recommendation letter from Telenor.

Since I started to work for the telecommunication company I have done lots of Internet research including support to the company to increase the number of customers which use the internet over telecommunication network and to increase customer satisfaction, one of the company's highest priority, by researching the newest phone models as well as least popular phone models to help customers with device settings and allow them to use the internet over telecommunication network.

My work experience for small businesses and the corporation, different job positions in various industries and insights from the job positions of an employee, independent contractor and employer (owner of a small service) give me the unique skill set and allow me to do the job to the mutual satisfaction.

Eager to talk to you to discuss your business needs in greater detail.