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We are a professional recording studio, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We offer a variety of services, like recording, mixing, pre-mastering, voiceovers and session musicians hiring for your projects.

Jobs by VinasPeixoto

I'm a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker and fluent in English. I will translate any text from English to Brazilian Portuguese or from Brazilian Portuguese to English.A basic job ($5) refers to 500 words or part of it (e.g: 800 words = 2 jobs). All the translations are manually done, without any kind of automation. If you need technical terms translation, I would like to tell you that I have 20 years' experience as a mechanical engineer.

I'm a Brazilian professional percussionist with 25 years of career, working as studio musician, sideman, educator, soundtrack composer and I have many instructional books and videos published. No matter the music style, or the percussion set, the result is amazing! I'm offering live percussion recording, using hi-end equip at high quality studios.

We are offering a professional listening to your music, delivering a detailed report with our feedback and advices. We evaluate your production, arrangement, recording and mixing. (1 gig = 1 song) Use our experience to improve your production!

- Total mix of your song, track by track, including edition, EQ, compress, and FXs. No-presets! - The basic price ($5) is for a single track mix. Choose the quantity within the number of tracks from your music. - The end mix (level and panning adjustment between tracks) is included in the single track mix job. - for + $15 we tune your vocal tracks (per track) - for + $10 we master your song - Max track time: 6 min