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Electrical Engineer, love online marketing and freelancing.

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I will Give You Bing Ads 120 USD Coupon for $20

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Customers use Bing and Yahoo! Search every day to find the products and services they are looking for. With a single account on Microsoft Advertising adCenter, your ads will show up on both Bing and Yahoo! Search putting your business in front of more new customers. - You must not be used another $120 coupon before. - Only one coupon per account. - Voucher works worldwide. - Order your $120 coupon code now while it is still available.

Three ORIGINAL logo concepts for your websites/business/product! I design my work with standout concepts, nice contrast and color balance. NO amateurish design with bad fonts/color! Order now and you will have have a UNIQUE and original Logo for your website! PNG/JPG format with 3 different sizes included. One Revision Included. Crazy FAST Delivery Available! Order Now! :D PLEASE NOTE: 2 Extra Gigs for character/mascot drawing($30)

I will convert any psd file into JOOMLA Template for $15

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You send the design, We create the Joomla Templates. Real Working Joomla Template from any PSD file. If you need converting html/css into Joomla Template, its also possible. I need you to sure that the cost will be added to convert psd file into html/css and then into Joomla Template. I need you to confirm me before ordering my gig. I will do my best.

You're getting the power to generate free traffic at will, even if you know nothing about traffic generation, or complicated technical stuff like SEO. It doesn't get easier than this. This is a proven 1 2 3 system that I use myself every single day. Once you have Traffic Anarchy on your side, you'll never have to pay for traffic again. You'll also never have to work yourself to a nub to get free traffic.

I will give you a list with over 50 free SEO/SEM tools to improve your SEO, SEM & SMM of your websites. The list includes tools for ➼ Site information & Performance☉ Domain & Links analysis☉ Keyword Research☉ Social Media analysis☉ Detailed complex SEO Research☉ Similarity & competition analysis☉ and more!

I will give you MARKETSAMURAI full version, 100% working. for $10

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Every web-site needs traffic if it’s going to succeed – and the most reliable, consistent, profitable, high-volume source of traffic comes from search engines. All it takes is getting 3 SIMPLE things right! – the 3 Golden Rules… But 99% of sites get these 3 things wrong (without even realizing it at the time) – and as a result, the odds of success are stacked against them, making good profits (not even big profits) becomes a massive struggle… …An

Let's face it! Everyone loves Pizza! But not everyone knows how to cook pizza. But more importantly, not everyone knows that there are hundreds of different ways to prepare and cook pizza. With this gig, I'll provide you with an easy to read recipe ebook on how to prepare everything from dough's to sauces and about 200 different pizza recipes to wow everyone with.

Get 2 gigs for the price of 1. You can also do it with other things, not just this. Just see what popular things people are searching for on Google, find something similar to promote in the affiliate marketplace and make a video to upload! It’s really easy! I make about 5 videos a day, they take about 5 mins each, and I earn about $200 from this!

Hey there, I’m Kevin Young and I’m a full time high-school student generating $9,794.76 per month from literally an hour or two of “work” after school. And the funny thing is… * I DON’T have a big email list to mail to, * I DON’T have my own product and * I DON’T spend a single dime on advertising! In fact, the system I have set up right now is SO powerful that it runs at 100% power on complete autopilot – whether I’m “working” on it or not!

I will give you AMAZING 1000 Hacking tutorials for $5

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I will give you 1000s of Hacking tutorials of different category and websites, which is REALLY amazing.

Make cartoon from any picture of you and your friends or from anything as a professional designer. You can use these picture to make your own movie with the help of windows movie maker or any other video making software.

I will give you ADSENSE BLACKHAT guide for $5

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Most everyone using Adsense has the desire to increase their clickthrough rate. Perhaps, an image gets placed next to their ads. That happens because, as both you are I know, we are in some way,regardless of how minor or harmless it may feel, attempting to trick our traffic. Why? To make them click on our ads and bring us revenue.

I will post your 100 ads on in usa cities in any category for 1 day or for several days. I can post as much as you want and everyday as ongoing task if you like. This is a great opportunity for your small business promotion and rapid google rankings with cheap cost.

Get 2 gigs for the price of 1. Thankyou and welcome to my latest report on how I made $106,12 in just a few hours with a dirty BLACKHAT method. Initially I was going to price this report higher but because the DP members have been good to me I want everyone to benefit from this - good product = good value for money. I recently tested a method that generated me $106.12 in just a few hours.

Get 2 gigs for the price o After you’ve finished reading this ebook you will be equipped with the tools you need to make big money from Facebook marketing! No doubt you would’ve heard something about how some marketers are earning big off Facebook, and you’ve probably never took much notice but I’m telling you, this is real. I’ve experienced it first hand, and it is much easier than it looks. No matter if you’re a noob or an experienced marketer

I will give you FB Marketing Package "FB-Guru-Bot.v.2.0" for $5

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Get 2 gigs for the price of 1. Marketers often wonder whether it makes sense to attempt to build their own social network around their product, company, brand or service. Some hire development shops to build a custom web site, others use white label products, and still others use hosted services like Ning. The problem with this approach, however, is that it’s extremely expensive to bring a significant enough number of..

Earn huge lumps of cash with this Step-By-Step system that will catapult your rankings so you profit month after month. Here is just a small example of what you will learn in this course: 1. The proper way to get your sites ranked in order to improve your AdSense earnings, Clickbank earnings, etc. 2. Step by step instructions from keyword research, on page SEO, getting indexed, off page SEO, and so much more. 3. The PROPER way to craft your conte

*The blaster will submit your website to several advertising networks. As these networks consist of thousands of websites, you will reach about 2,5 million advertising websites across the net. Instantbooster is more powerful than adblaster.

This guide will teach you several ways to boost your Page Rank and get thousands of quality back links to your website, as quick as possible. For me it took about 1 month, but I was able to get over 32,000 back links! Please read below for the basic concepts of getting thousands of one way link backs to your website for FREE, without an investment. I have also included a list of 1 PR 7 link, 1 PR 5 link, 16 PR 4 links, 21 PR 3 links, and 1 PR 2

Get 2 gigs for the price of 1. I am sure that after reading my report you will be making at least $500 a day spending only 2-3 hours of your time. Yes my method works for only those who take action and not sitting around and waiting for money to roll in. If you are ready – let´s get started.

Get 2 gigs for the price of 1. The Mobile Market Magic Special Report explores no less than six platforms, all ready for you to profit from them with your own mobile apps. With this report, you can get into many of these platforms before the Internet Marketing masses even realise that there’s potential to make money there.