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Trades Labour Corporation is one of the top employment agencies and can help you find or fill whatever position you are after. We have access to all of the jobs that are hiring in the Auburn, Seattle, Surrey, Vancouver, Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg areas. we allowing you to market yourself to a wide variety of potential employers in the trades who are looking for someone with your talents.

Trades Labour Corporation has provided advanced, industry-leading solutions for job seekers and employers for over 20 years. Although their head office is based in Vancouver, TLC provides job solutions to seekers and employers across Canada and the United States as one of the foremost recruiting and employment agencies for the trades job market; whether you’re in Seattle, Saskatchewan, or Winnipeg.
If you are looking for employment in these areas and want to land your dream role, our agency can help, so Call Us At (604) 971-2242 today! And Know More About Trades Labour Corporation Kindly Visit Our Website
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